1/14/22 - Announcing CryptoWrex

From the Milt Olin Foundation

StopWrex Campaign

LAST UPDATED: 01/25/2022

Eight years ago, in 2013, Milt Olin, a prominent music entertainment attorney was struck and killed by a recklessly distracted LA County Sheriff's Deputy.  Milt’s widow, Louise Olin was joined by Milt's dear friend Danny Kastner to create the Milt Olin Foundation in order to bring awareness to the dangers of distracted driving and safe lives.

For the past 7 years, we have created many campaigns to raise awareness for safe driving. This includes our successful StopWrex campaign, featuring Wrex, a speed-junky, car-loving dinosaur who somehow time-warped to the present time. Wrex’s near brush death with a distracted driver gave him the motivation to fight these avoidable accidents. Our goal is to create a world with ZERO distracted driving fatalities by using Wrex as a reminder that careless, distracted driving is dumb and dangerous.

We are thrilled to announce that our awareness strategies are evolving with the creation of CryptoWrex.  With our new initiative, we are creating unique digital Wrex Art in the form of NFTs.  As an NFT we can assign a unique, guaranteed authentic “Digital Identity” to each collectible Wrex character. 

The market for NFT digital assets has shown a huge surge in 2021. This laid the groundwork for charitable fundraising efforts going beyond the use of auctions and events to raise money. Charity NFT auctions have emerged, rewarding backers with specific collectibles which align perfectly with the goals of the Foundation. As the COO of Napster from 2000 to 2002, advising dozens of technology companies on music licensing, Milt Olin was consistently at the forefront of technology and music, which provides particular inspiration for CryptoWrex. 

We are launching an innovative platform of promotional art with CryptoWrex, that will bring vast awareness to the safe driving movement.  Those who purchase CryptoWrex digital art will also be able to share their charitable contributions and ignite their social status as a promoter of safe driving!

Better yet, we are developing a roadmap, called the “Safe Roads Map” with innovative benefits for those who collect CryptoWrex NFTs and participate in safe driving promotions.

The initial CryptoWrex collection will include 3,456 unique 8-bit graphic characters launching early 2022 on Solana, an eco-friendly crypto ecosystem.  Funds raised will support our programs and partnerships to generate significant awareness for the Foundation’s safe-driving initiatives. They will be used to drive further innovation with our CryptoWrex project.

Soon, we will launch across multiple social media platforms and are presently accepting early-access registrations at CryptoWrex.com. We are inviting new partners, with experience in NFT and Blockchain projects, to participate in promotional and advisory roles for the project.

As we look forward to leveraging our seven years of experience in creating safe driving programs we’ll take CryptoWrex to the moon, even as we make roads safer, right here on earth.