Our detailed Roadmap provides a glimpse into our plans for CryptoWrex. We are updating the plan frequently and we absolutely promise not to use the term “game-changing”, which was worn out before the birth of Bitcoin and crypto.

Tragedy Strikes
In December 2013, Milt Olin, a prominent music entertainment attorney, was struck and killed while riding his bicycle, due to the thoughtless distraction of an LA County Sheriff's Deputy.
The Birth of a Movement
The Milt Olin Foundation was formed as a non-profit organization to fight distracted driving by Louise Olin and Danny Kastner. From road safety rallies to the “Hands Off” campaign, we’ve deployed numerous successful initiatives to educate the public on the perils of distracted driving.
StopWrex is Born
StopWrex was created in 2017 to raise awareness for safe driving. Wrex is a speed junky; a car-loving dinosaur who time-warped to the present time. Wrex’s near brush with death while behind the wheel, gave him the motivation to fight these avoidable accidents. We strive for a world with ZERO distracted driving fatalities - with Wrex as the ambassador. He constantly reminds everyone that careless, distracted driving is dumb and dangerous.
Q1 2022
Wrex Plans Digital Collectibles
Wrex didn't build the time machine. What, you think he could manage to build it with such tiny hands?! Nope, he found it. All dusty like, in the back of a cave, and it worked, propelling him into the future!
First, he made a quick stop in the Stone Age before he bolted forward to our-time, where he discovered cars. Yes, Wrex ❤️'s fast cars. But soon after time warping here, he got himself into a pretty rough car wreck. Luckily he lived to lead the cause.
Why did he crash in the first place? It’s simple, he was distracted. But why was he distracted, you ask? Well, you see, there's a mystery unfolding about neon blobs causing distractions everywhere.
Now the question is - can Wrex solve this perplexing puzzle and stop those who wish to harm humans?
After a lucky hunch, and some time travel, Wrex amassed a bit of a fortune in Solana crypto and created a clever plan. While we can't say today how the Wrex 8-bit, self portraits came about, we're excited to share these images as NFTs with others supporting his fight to end distracted driving.
Wrex believes they are pretty cool. We think you will as well.
Q1 2022
CryptoWrex Assembles a Team
Wrex leaps into an entirely new dimension with his announcement of CryptoWrex. Wrex united a team with blockchain developers, designers, story tellers, game developers, road safety experts, marketers, and promoters to drive success for the project!
Q2 2022
CryptoWrex NFT Launch
The initial CryptoWrex collection consists of unique 8-bit graphic characters, launching on Magic Eden the Solana marketplace. Wrex thinks wasting energy is more stupid than Charlie Munger's distain for crypto, so the eco-friendly nature of Solana was key!
Funds raised will support programs and partnerships to generate significant awareness for the Milt Olin Foundation’s safe-driving initiatives. Just as importantly, the project is designed to last!
Funds will also be leveraged to drive further innovation and reward CryptoWrex holders and supporters.
Q2 2022
Introducing the Safe RoadsMap
Many NFT projects go on and on about how they plan on “donating to charity”, but the plans are vague and not transparent, nor with a clear strategy.
CryptoWrex is different, as we ARE A CHARITABLE, 501C3 organization in the US!
When it comes to funds, we are investing in the following areas:
Safe Roads Map
A large portion of our raised funds will go towards the “Safe Roads Map”, which will support the Milt Olin Foundation’s own safe driving initiatives, but further:
We will be sponsoring other non-profit, safe driving initiatives that are creating results through action and education.
Check out the “Safe Roads Map” for two very worthy projects we plan on sponsoring in the near future.
Soon, the community can nominate Road Safety Advocates regardless of geographic location.
Air Drops and Air Lifts!
What’s the point of only dropping when we can lift the value of Wrex digital collectibles, right?
Holders of CryptoWrex will receive unique drops and lifts, as outlined below in our Technical Roadmap, to enhance their collections including animated CryptoWrex NFTs.
Get in early and DON’T SELL!
Technical Advancements
We view our tech roadmap as one of the most innovative and original roadmaps in the NFT space. While many projects seem to be focusing their efforts on building games, how many valuable and worthwhile gaming plans are going to make it in the long run?
We’ve taken a different approach, with interactive art, animation, augmented reality, and music on our technical roadmap. You’re gonna be blown away by what we’re creating in our labs.
Q2 2022
Roadmap of Technical Advancements
Technical Advancements
CryptoWrex followers deserve a custom secure communication channel. How often do you hear about people falling for a scam via fake Discord channels, Tweets, etc.? Every day it seems, an individual's hard-earned Crypto assets, including NFT’s, are wiped out.
The CryptoWrex app, coming in May 2022, provides a certified communication channel directly from the CryptoWrex team to all followers, as well as NFT owners, post-launch.
Holders of the CryptoWrex NFT will have access to the WrexClusive Club, within the app. Here they will receive private updates and insider information, including member-only airdrops, with notices sent to mobile devices when limited-edition collections are launched.
The CryptoWrex App also plugs into marketplaces and shows ALL Wrex NFTs ever created. Additionally, we plan to bring some exciting staking rewards in the future, through augmented reality. Staking is basically storing your NFT collection for rewards, and de-listing an NFT from any public, sales NFT marketplace, such as Magic Eden or
Q3 2022
Technical Advancements
Have you seen Audio NFTs? Boring, right? What’s different about a music piece combined with an image or animation? If someone releases a song with a visual element, such as video animation, offering 50 copies for sale, how are these unique, aside from their limited quantity?
The beauty of generative NFT art projects is that every single piece of art is distinctive. The unique properties are what make NFT art interesting and collectible. So, how can the audio be unique where music is concerned?
Holders of Wrex NFTs will be handed an innovative tool to “sketch” an interactive soundtrack into their NFT. Development has started already, and the airdrop of the secret, interactive audio app will happen in Q3, 2022 to all lifetime Wrex NFT holders.
Have you heard of this before? Wrex didn’t think you had, so he talked us into the idea, saying, “Why should musicians and audio be so prehistoric while so much innovation is happening elsewhere?” Well, truthfully, he gave us no choice and made us do it. Dinosaurs can be very persuasive.
Q3 2022
CryptoWrex 3D Surprises
The CryptoWrex 8-bit generative launch will be our first major release in our project against distracted driving.
The 8-bit art is very colorful and dynamic, with many unique traits from a Spacesuit, 3D glasses, Zombie skin, to a Snow Cap.
Early followers and advocates of the project will be selected at random to win custom 3D NFTs which will be rare and more valuable.
Have you heard of Voxels? Well, welcome to Wrexels!
Wrexel Beta 1 is ready to go. New, exciting Voxel characters, based on CryptoWrex will be launched very soon.
Sandbox? Wrexbox? Oh my…stay tuned
Q3 2022
Wrex Augmented Reality
We are presently building more immersive experiences with augmented reality, where CryptoWrex can appear in everyday places for social media engagement. This will extend the value of CryptoWrex NFTs to the next level.
The CryptoWrex face filters will allow anyone to become Wrex and share viral posts to build engagement, buzz, and promote safe driving. Everyone loves a cool filter for social media and messaging after all!
We will expand on our project by incorporating GPS data and offer owners of Wrex NFTs amazing WebAR experiences with Geolocation, creating unique staking opportunities for CryptoWrex holders, with bonus rewards.
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